Life Is Good!

Indeed, life is good for me and my loved ones. However, it was not always that way. Born on the wrong side of the tracks in Detroit Michigan with little resources and role models available to me.

I have happily enjoyed making a lot of money, friends and loved ones and also have known depths of despair with tremendous loss. I had been diagnosed with two incurable diseases, and totally turn that
around with the knowledge I found and new habits I created. I count myself blessed and thankful that I am driven always to know more, experience more. This blog is just a small taste of myself and my family’s life. We learned much, and no way have learned that all. We’re willing to share some of the great things that we learned about to those who will listen.

Our desire for you is that you benefit from our experience of this wonderful journey called life.

We are living proof that you can do, be or have anything you desire in your life.

Jimmy J. Johnson